Digital Discoveries 1

1.Can't.Remember.How.It.StartsPaul Whitty5'16
2.Shadow and LightPaul Newland10'45
3.Music for the painter Jack Smith (version 1: violin & viola solos)Andrew Toovey7'53
4.Music for the painter Jack Smith (version 2: bagpipes)Andrew Toovey9'44
5.See our lakeLaurence Crane5'30
6.Centifugal bumblepuppyGeoff Hannan4'06
7.Self portrait as a tigerAndrew Toovey11'28
8.There we sat downMichael Zev Gordon4'56
9.Huiusmodi Sunt OmniaRichard Baker4'48
Ixion Ensemble, Michael Finnissy (conductor)

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