Andrew Toovey Photography by Morgan Hayes



"Engulfed by the huge tidal wave of the Toovey, inspired by the paintings of Rothko, a few traces of its sound world seemed to hint just audibly among the chains of hammer blows. Toovey's most extravagant use of colour, with its great juxtaposed blocks of tone, its contrasts between fiery speed and icy stillness." (The Herald Glasgow)

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the (silvery yesclowns tumble!are made per!form, Shining Forth, The moon falls through the Autumn
BBCSSO, Ixion, Zoƫ Martlew, Jonathan Powell
Largo 5139
The Juniper Tree
Embrace, Adam, Fallen
Ixion, Eos, Yvar Mikhashoff, James Clapperton
Largo 5141
The Garden
Videtis eni interiorem, The White Lodge, Warara, Einsamkeit, Thi Coomin'
Nicola Walker Smith, Ixion
Kitchenware Records KWCD 017
Compositions for contrabass saxophone
Thomas K J Meyer (saxophone)
Earup CD 1003
Bach piano transcriptions
Cantus Firmus
Antony Gray - piano
ABC classics
Breaking line
Techno stomp
Stephen Gutman - piano
Out jumps James Clapperton!
Artuad, Out jumps Jack Death!
James Clapperton - piano
Nova CD7
Critical Notice
Mostly Bach
Stephen Gutman (piano)
BMIC-Unkonwn Public
One minute wonders
Clive Williamson - piano
Cadenza Music
Spectrum 2
50 contemporary works for solo piano
Thalia Myers - piano
NMC D057
Spectrum 4
66 miniatures for solo piano
Thalia Myers - piano
Country Gardens
Little music for Malcolm Williamson
Antony Gray - piano
KNS classical
Digital Discoveries 1
Music for the painter Jack Smith (version 1 & 2), Self portrait as a tiger
IXION, Michael Finnissy
NMC DL3001
Digital Discoveries 6
Mostly Bach
Stephen Gutman (piano)
NMC DL3006
Perilous Night - Joanna MacGregor
You may not (want) to (be) hear/here
Joanna MacGregor (piano)
Sound Circus SC001
Exploring the World - Ensemble Reconsil
Ensemble Reconsil
Kairos Music 0014
The Silver Stars at Play - Contemporary Christmas Carols
Allelluya for Christmas
Kantos Chamber Choir - Elspeth Slorach
Prima Facie PFCD075
Schlag Art Vol 1
Percussion Quartet
Bremer Schlagzeugensemble

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