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Narrow rooms(2019)60'chamber opera in one act (five scenes)
I'll be there for you(2000)15'mini opera
The Juniper Tree(1993)40'chamber opera in one act (four scenes)
Ubu(1991-92)90'opera in two acts (five scenes)
The Spurt of Blood(1988-90)25'music theatre work for 3 singers and four instrumentalists
Perception(2023)15'string orchestra
Fast slow faster(2017)8'orchestra
Ubu's overture(2011)20'orchestra
Ubu's Journey(2008)30'orchestra
For Morton Feldman(2006)11'mixed ensemble
Viola Concerto(2004)30'solo viola and orchestra
Dutch Dykes(2002)16'orchestra
Oboe Concerto(1996-97)20'solo oboe, harp and strings
Red Icon(1995-96)32'large orchestra
Acrobats(1995)14'large mixed woodwind, brass and string ensemble
Come and Go(1994-95)14'chamber ensemble
Out!(1994)16'concerto for two pianos and orchestra
Mozart(1991)5'string orchestra
Black Light(1989)10'chamber ensemble
Áté(1986)12'chamber ensemble
Euonia(2016)5'chamber ensemble
Holding You(2015)6'eleven string players
Verboten(2015)3'eleven players
Eyjafjallajkull(2014)7'chamber ensemble
Wenke(2014)10'chamber ensemble
Walking Fanfare(2014)4'mixed ensemble
Dutch Pink(2005)12'mixed ensemble
Self Portrait as a Tiger(2003)12'chamber ensemble
Music for the painter Jack Smith(2002)10'chamber ensemble
White Fire II(2000)8'chamber ensemble
James Purdy settings(1999)6'voice & chamber ensemble
Adom Adamah(1991)7'high soprano and mixed ensemble
Splice(1991)6'chamber ensemble
Ja ja ja ja ja, nee nee nee nee nee(1991)6'4 voices and mixed ensemble
Adam(1989)14'chamber ensemble
White Fire(1988)8'chamber ensemble
Winter Solstice(1984)16'seven settings of Japanese poems for voice and seven instrumentalists
Yunomi(2020)15'percussion quartet
Broken Union(2020)8'clarinet, soprano saxophone, percussion, trombone
Skein(2017)16'violin and piano
Arthur's lullaby(2016)3'violin and viola
Ej upp(2016)7'recorder quartet
Contrecto(2016)30'harmonium and tabla
Going Home(2003)20'string quartet
Together(2003)10'oboe/cor anglais and percussion
Fall(1994)3'saxophone duo
Head(1994)15'cello and percussion
Your Mouth(1993)12'viola and percussion
Shimmer Bright(1988)14'string trio (violin, viola, 'cello)
Whisper(ingly) Crumbling (into) Silence(1988)14'percussion trio
(nobody'll know)(1988)16'cello and piano
Shining Forth(1987)16'piano, violin and 'cello
String Quartet Music(1987)12'string quartet
Cântec(1986)15'viola and piano
Untitled String Quartet(1985)15'string quartet
Four Looks at the Book Of(1982)10'clarinet and piano
Reliquary(2022)5'solo oboe
I me you we us(2020)5'solo tenor horn and drone oboe
Pump Triptych(2016)8'solo clarinet
The trumpet in my life(2016)5'solo trumpet
Noh(2000)9'cello and gong
Transparencies(1999-00)10'solo violin
Fast net(1993-94)6'solo violin
Pendu(1993-94)6'solo violin
Prelude for viola(1993)5'solo viola
Lament, Strathspey, Reel(1988)10'solo violin
The (silvery yesclowns tumble!are made Per!form(1987)7'solo viola (also arranged for 'cello)
Veiled Wave 4(1986)10'solo organ
Veiled Wave 3(1985)7'solo guitar
Veiled Wave 2(1985)10'solo bassett clarinet or bass clarinet
Veiled Wave 1(1985)9'solo flute (with piccolo and alto flute)
Passing(2020)6'piano solo
Tactile Sensibility(2019)3'piano solo
Queer Sensibility(2018)4'piano duet (4 hands)
Conjoined(2017-18)5'piano duet
500 Treble Notes(2017)10'piano solo
500 Triads(2017)16'piano solo
Preludes and Schrott(2017)15'piano solo
Nearly there(2017)5'piano solo
First out(2016)6'piano solo
Where are we in the World?(2014)6'piano solo
Eyjafjallajkull - solo piano(2014)6'piano solo
Breathless(2013-14)4'piano solo
His wee fancy (a fragment)(2008)3'piano or harpsichord solo
Michael's Harmony(2006)5'piano solo
Morag(2005)3'piano solo
My Dear Judith(2004)5'piano solo
Mostly Bach(2003)3'piano solo
A Little Birthday Music(2001)1'piano solo
You may not (want) to (be) hear/here(1998)5'piano solo
Techno Stomp(1997)5'piano solo (with or without pedal bass drum)
Finders Keepers(1995)15'four pianos
The moon falls through the Autumn(1995)15'piano solo
to Sappho(1993)3'piano solo
Cantus Firmus(1992)3'piano solo (and harpsichord version)
21 Progressive Piano Pieces (Grade 2-4)(1990)20'piano solo
Embrace(1990)12'two pianos
Out Jumps Jack Death!(1989)14'piano solo
Down there by the Sea(1989)32'piano solo
Fragments after Artaud(1988)12'piano solo
Artaud(1986)14'piano solo
Glimpse(2022)10'voice and viola
Wringing out the knots(2018)6'voice and accordion
The Poetic Consciousness(2018)12'voice and violin
Almost(2017)12'voice and violin
The Moods(2017)9'voice and violin
The Way it is Now(2016)12'voice and viola
Don't Let the Snow Fall(2016)5'solo voice
Mary's Lullaby(2010)7'choir, piano & percussion
Beacon of Light(2008)4'SATB
Einsame(2007)20'high voice and piano
Come Ready(2006)7'SATB
(Un)ending Joy(2006)5'SATB
Irish Settings(1994)16'tenor or mezzo soprano voice and viola
Fallen(1991)6'mezzo soprano and violin
Einsamkeit(1990)12'contralto (low mezzo), with or without bowed vibraphone and/or piano
Bitterness haunts remembrance(1990)10'two male voices
An die Musik(1989)9'mezzo soprano (contralto) and bowed vibraphone
Te Deum(1986)4'SATB
Light of the World(1982)5'SATB
Elegy for England(1982)10'tenor and piano
Alleluya for Christmas(1981)4'two versions: SATB and SSAA
21 viola duets(2020)25'two violas
Red Bird(2003)3'piano solo
Hands Together(2002)1'piano solo
Water Veiled(2002)1'piano solo
Little Dances(1997)3'piano solo
Still(1995)2'piano solo
My Viola Tunes(1991)10'solo viola
Seven Cello Duets(1991)10'two 'cellos
My Cello Tunes(1990)5'solo 'cello
Seven Dances(1990)10'two violins
Short Reflections of Budapest(1990)10'two violins

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