Wringing out the knots (Dutch interior) (2018) 6' Download PDF  

for voice and accordion

poem by Mark Storey

dedicated to Mark Storey and Paul Zaba

The Poetic Consciousness (2018) 12' Download PDF

for voice and violin

poems by Colin Blundell

Almost (2017) 12' Download PDF  

for voice and violin

for Stephen Calder

First performance: 7th April 2018, St John's Church, Upper Norwood, London performed by Emma Tring (soprano) and Robin Martin(violin)

The moods (2017) 9' Download PDF  

for voice and violin

for Jack McNeill & Sarah Farmer

The way it is now (2016) 12' Download PDF

for voice and viola

for Rose Redgrave, Robert Nettleship, Andrew Hamilton, Murray Ashdown

Don't let the snow fall (2016) 5' Download PDF

for voice

Dedicated to James Purdy

First performance: 6th May 2016, Birmingham Conservatoire performed by Yfat Soul Zisso

Listen on YouTube

Mary's Lullaby (2010) 7' Download PDF

for choir, piano & percussion

words by Morag Morris

First performance: December 2010, Alperton Community School conducted by Indi Padda

Listen on YouTube

Beacon of light (2008) 4' Download PDF

for SATB

First performance St Michael's Church, Brighton, December 7th 2008. St Michael's Church Choir, conductor Philip Adams

Einsame (2007) 20' Download PDF

for high voice and piano

Five Rilke settings

For Josef Göschl

Come Ready (2006) 7' Download PDF

for SATB

setting of a poem by James Purdy

Dedicated to Michael Finnissy and Philip Adams on the occasion of their wedding

(Un)ending Joy (2006) 20' Download PDF

for SATB

words adapted from a poem by James Purdy

Dedicated to Milton Babbit on his 90th birthday

Lux (1999) 10' Download PDF

for choir: SSAATTBB

First performance: October 2000, Sendai, Japan; The Sendai Choir - Nakajima (conductor)

Irish Settings (1994) 16' Download PDF

tenor or mezzo soprano voice and viola

Commissioned by Guildford Festival

For Morag Morris

First performance: 23 October 1994, Guildford; Jackie Homer and Charles Mutter

Listen on YouTube

Fallen (1991) 6' Download PDF

mezzo soprano and violin

Text: Four poems by Rilke (G)

For Valerie Hill

First performance: 23 February 1992, Holywell Music Room, Oxford. Jackie Homer and Charles Mutter

"Songs in which soprano and violin struck sparks off each other, and a strictly limited musical vocabulary was used to strong effect" The Independent

Recording available on Largo CD 5141

Listen on YouTube

Einsamkeit (1990) 5'   Download PDF  

contralto (low mezzo), with or without bowed vibraphone and/or piano

Text: Five poems by Rilke (G)

For Désirée Moorhead

First performance: 31 March 1991, Purcell Room, London; Nicola Walker Smith and Simon Limbrick

Recording available on Kitchenware KW CD17

Listen on YouTube

Bitterness haunts remembrance (1990) 10' Download PDF

for two male voices

First performance by Andrew Toovey and James Mavor at the Great Hall, Dartington, Dartington Summer School, August 1990

An die Musik (1989) 9' Download PDF

mezzo soprano (contralto) and bowed vibraphone

Text: Rilke (G)

For Elise Lorraine and Elizabeth Davies

First performance: 20 May 1989, Brighton Music Festival. Elise Lorraine and Elizabeth Davies

Listen on YouTube

Te Deum (1986) 4' Download PDF

for SATB

carol: words by Morag Morris

Elegy for England (1982) 10' Download PDF

for tenor and piano

setting of poems by A E Housman, Edward Thomas, Robert Graves and Philip Larkin

Download programme note (PDF)

Listen on YouTube

Light of the world (1982) 5' Download PDF

for SATB

words by Morag Morris

Listen on YouTube

Alleluya for Christmas (1981) 4' 

two version: for SATB or SSAA

words by Morag Morris

for Morag Morris

Recording available on The Silver Stars at Play   Published by Cadenza Music as part of "The Nativity Star" collection

Alleluya for Christmas

Listen on YouTube

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