Yunomi  (2020) 15'  Download PDF

percussion quartet

for Christo and Olaf Tzschoppe

Rathaus Zepernick, Randspiele Festival, Berlin, performed by Bremer Schlagzeugensemble, director Olaf Tzschoppe 28/08/20

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Broken Union  (2020) 8'  Download PDF

clarinet, soprano saxophone, percussion, trombone

First performance April 2020 by UTAS Ensemble, Hobart, Tasmania.

Published by Composers Edition

Broken Union

Skein  (2017) 16'  Download PDF

violin and piano

for Howard Skempton

Published by Composers Edition


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Arthur's lullaby  (2016) 3'  Download PDF

violin and viola

for Arthur, Joe and Rose

Ej upp  (2016) 7'  Download PDF

recorder quartet

dedicated to Suzanne Hartley

First performance: 13th March 2016. Birmingham Conservatoire "Frontiers Festival", Chris Orton & student recorder ensemble

Contrecto  (2016) 30'  Download PDF

harmonium and tabla

for Xenia, Ed and Shawn

First performance: 25th February 2017. St Catherine's Church, Telegraph Hill, London , Xenia Pestova and Shawn Mativetsky

There are two versions of Contrecto, one for harmonium and tabla and the other for violin and harmonium. The PDF has both versions (violin and harmonium starts on page 25)

Listen to violin and harmonium version on YouTube

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Going Home  (2003) 20'  Download PDF

string quartet

for Leon Kassoff

First performance: Maida Vale Studios London by the Szymanowski String Quartet for BBC Radio 3 (broadcast October 2004). July 2004 premiered by The Dyke String Quartet at the Cheltenham Music Festival

"Andrew Toovey's Going Home for String Quartet put together a freeze of vivid episodes, unostentatiously integrated" The Guardian July 2004

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Together  (2003) 10'  Download PDF

oboe/cor anglais and percussion

for New Noise Duo: Janey Miller and Joby Burgess

Fall  (1994) 3'  Download PDF

saxophone duo

for Thomas K J Mejer

Recording available on Earup CD 1003

Head  (1994) 15'  Download PDF

cello and percussion

for Judith Mitchell

First performance: 11th March 1994, St. Giles Cripplegate, Judith Mitchell and Richard Benjefield

Commissioned by James Wood's Microtonal Festival

Your Mouth  (1993) 12'  Download PDF

viola and percussion

for Jane Atkins

First performance: 13th December 1993, Purcell Room, London - Jane Atkins

Commissioned by Jane Atkins

"..quirky and assertive.." The Independent

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Shimmer Bright  (1988) 14'  Download PDF

string trio (violin, viola, cello)

for S W Hayter (in memorium)

First performance: 21st August 1988, Dartington Summer School - Sharleen Harshenin, John Rayson and Kenneth Osborne

"Shimmer Bright for string trio, and (nobody'll know) for 'cello and piano, were both tough and airy." The Times

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Whisper(ingly) Crumbling (into) Silence  (1988) 14'  Download PDF

for percussion trio

for Ben Morison

First performance: (2 players only) 22nd November 1988, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival - Simon Limbrick and Martin Allen

1. vibraphone, glockenspiel
2. marimba
3. 3 tomtoms, 3 suspended cymbals (with bow), 2 gongs, 2 wood blocks

(nobody'll know)  (1988) 16'  Download PDF

for cello and piano

for Kenneth Osborne

First performance: 21st August 1988, Darlington Summer School - Kenneth Osborne and James Clapperton

"Toovey is a productive, versatile composer. his bass clarinet piece, Veiled Wave 2, the parenthesized cello and piano work (nobody'll know), and the explosive ensemble piece White Fire, all point to a fluent, clear and determined musical brain." The Times

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Shining Forth  (1987) 16'  Download PDF

piano, violin and cello

for Robert Motherwell (in memorium)

First performance: 9th July 1987, Wigniore Hall, London - Kreutzer Trio

"Toovey's most strikingly original piece was Shining Forth, a work made up of several short, characteristically unique sections, but with eleownts calculated to unify the was left in doubt as to the composer's highly sophisticated judgement" Tempo

Recording available on Largo 5139

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String Quartet Music  (1987) 12'  Download PDF

string quartet

dedicated in memorium to Morton Feldman

First performance: 9th June 1987, British Music Information Centre, London. IXION

Cantec  (1986) 15'  Download PDF

viola and piano

for Janet (sister) & Paul Chandler

First performance: 5th February 1987, Institute of Education, London University - Leon King and Robert Keeley

Untitled String Quartet  (1985) 15'  Download PDF

string quartet

for the Mistry Quartet

First performance: 6th August 1987, Darlington Summer School, Mistry String Quartet

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Four Looks at the Book Of  (1982) 10'  Download PDF

clarinet and piano

dedicated to Philip Benfell


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