Euonia  (2016) 5'  Download PDF

piccolo, clarinet, trumpet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, 'cello, bass

dedicated to Arthur, Rose and Joe

First performance: 23rd May 2016. The Thallein Ensemble conducted by Daniele Rosina. Tianjin Conservatory, China

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Holding You  (2015) 6'  Download PDF

eleven string players (6 vln, 2 vla, 2 vc, 1 db)

dedicated to Malcolm Crowthers

Written for Project Instrumental, Birmingham Conservatoire's Frontiers Festival, May 2016

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Verboten  (2015) 3'  Download PDF

eleven players (picc, cl, sax, trp, acc, harp, piano, perc, vln, vc, db)

dedicated to Marcel van der Heuvel and Peter Smith

Written for the Thallein chamber ensemble, Frontiers Festival, February 2016

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Eyjafjallajkull  (2014) 7'  Download PDF

mixed ensemble: flute/recorders, oboe/violins, clarinet, viola/keyboard, bassoon/piano/bass, percussion

dedicated to the performers of Broken Consort

First performance: December 2014. Broken Consort. London

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Wenke  (2014) 10'  Download PDF

flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, piano, violin, viola, 'cello

for Ensemble Reconsil

First performance: 26th November 2014. Ensemble Reconsil. Vienna conducted by Roland Freisitzer

Recording available on Kairos Music 0014

Walking Fanfare  (2014) 4'  Download PDF

mixed ensemble

for COMA's 21st anniversary celebrations

First performance: October 2014. COMA Ensemble. St John's Smith Square, London

Dutch Pink  (2005) 12'

for several ensembles

First performance: March 2005 Queen's College, Cambridge University. various University ensembles

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Self Portrait as a Tiger  (2003) 12'  Download PDF

flute, clarinet, bass trombone, percussion, piano, violin, 'cello

Recording available on NMC DL3001

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Music for the painter Jack Smith  (2002) 10'  Download PDF

seven players + conductor (pedal bass drum)

for Jack and Sue Smith

Download programme note (PDF)

Recording available on NMC DL3001

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White Fire II  (2000) 8'  Download PDF

flute, clarinet, contra-bassoon (opt), percussion, piano, violin, viola, 'cello, double bass

James Purdy settings  (1999) 6'

sop, fl, cl, pf, perc, vn, va, vc, db

Adom Adamah  (1991) 7'  Download PDF

picc.cl(=bcl) trbn,perc(1);crothigh soprano(no text) vin.vic

for Adam Collins

First performance: 31st March 1991, Purcell Room, London - Nicola Walker-Smith and IXION conducted by Michael Finnissy

"Toovey's orchestration is frequently striking: the first performance of his lament Adom Adamah was a delicate and highly-strung creation." Tempo

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Splice  (1991) 6'

bass clarinet, horn, piano, violin and cello

for Bridget Riley

First performance: 13th December 1991, Piccolo Teatro di Milano, Milan, Italy. Capricorn

This is an alternative fixed instrumentation for Ja ja ja ja ja, nee nee nee nee nee

"The surprise came last, when Toovey's Splice had striding piano, pulsing strings and jazzy bass clarinet on a short and witty collision course." The Independent

Ja ja ja ja ja, nee nee nee nee nee  (1991) 6'  Download PDF

4 voices and mixed ensemble

dedicated to IXION on its 4h birthday

First performance: 12th June 1991, British Information Centre, London - IXION

vocal text is taken from the title of a Beuys work (which involves layers of felt) made in 1968. 4 voices(at least one vocal: parts not vocalised can be played on any instruments available). 2 pianos(left hands only) and/or bass clarinet and other bass instrument

Published by Composers Edition

Ja ja ja ja ja, nee nee nee nee nee

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Adam  (1989) 14'

oboe, clarinet, 2 bass trombones, cello, and double bass

dedicated to Andrew Beer and Roger King

First performance: 25th March 1990, Purcell Room, London - IXION conducted by Michael Finnissy

"Andrew Toovey's new Adam... effects a striking synthesis of Finnissy-like complexity and Feldman -like stasis. It's 14 minutes span comfortably embraces strident instrumental antagonisms and passages of almost absurdly simple accord. Even at it's most elaborate it is lucidly devised The Financial Times Clearly defined textures within a carefully controlled structure gave the violent oppositions of the piece intention and meaning" Tempo

Recording available on Largo 5141

Published by Boosey

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White Fire  (1988) 8'  Download PDF

clarinet, double bassoon(opt), piano,violin and cello

for John Rolfe

First performance: 24th April 1989, St John Smith Square, London, Grosvenor Group conducted by Rupert Bawden

"..a short triptych inspired by the impact of paintings by Bacon and Rothko. The dense textures and contrasted kends of surface activity certainly hit the same target in terms of raw emotional impact..." The Independent

Published by Boosey

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Winter Solstice  (1984) 16'  Download PDF

Solo M 1(=picc,afl).1(=corA).1.0- perc(l):vib/glsp/susp.cym/bongos/claves,vin.vla.vlc

for John Winter

First performance (revised version): 8th May 1988, Brighton Festival - Elise Lorraine with IXION coducted by Michael Finnissy

Seven settings of Japanese poems for voice and seven instrumentalists

Published by Boosey

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