Perception  (2023) 15'  Download PDF

string orchestra

for Wendy and Linda

Knob  (2018) 3'  Download PDF

2(picc).2.2 sop sax perc(2), elec g, bass g, harm, piano, sop., elect piano, strings

First performance: 20th April 2018. Orkest de Ereprijs/Thallein Ensemble conducted by Daniele Rosina. Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

Text by Richard Cutler

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Fast slow faster  (2017) 8'  Download PDF perc(2), strings

To the memory of Robert Rauschenberg

First performance: 16th December 2017. North London Orchestra conducted by Enyi Okpara. St Martin's Church, Gospel Oak, London

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Ubu's overture  (2011) 20'  Download PDF perc(3), harp, strings

This is a condensed version of Ubu's Journey; in effect a shortened journey

Oldham  (2010) 20'  Download PDF

mixed ensemble

dedicated to Jon Oldham

For COMA's open score project A setting of Louis MacNeice's poem 'Cradle Song'. This was written as a section of a piece dedicated to the late Jon Oldham, and called 'Oldham'. Indi Kaur (voice), Andrew Toovey (harpsichord).

Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3
Movement 4
Movement 5
Movement 6
Movement 7
Movement 8

Ubu's Journey  (2008) 30'  Download PDF perc(3), harp, strings

for Andrew Smith

First performance: 7th May 2011. BBCSSO conducted by Ivan Volkov. Old Fruit Market, Glasgow

Published by Composers Edition

Ubu's Journey

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For Morton Feldman  (2006) 11'  Download PDF

mixed ensemble

written for COMA ensemble

First performances: August 2006. COMA Ensemble conducted by Greg Rose. COMA Doncaster summer school

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Smeared  (2006) 12'  Download PDF + 2 alto sax perc(1), strings

dedicated to Morton Feldman

First performances: December 2006. Ricciotti Ensemble. Holland and London

Viola Concerto  (2004) 30'  Download PDF

solo viola perc(2) vibraphone, woodblock, harmonium, strings

for Joyce McNeill

First performance: 20th May 2005, Lawrence Power - viola BBCSSO conducted by Henrik Schaefer. BBC Studio 1 , Glasgow

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Dutch Dykes  (2002) 16'


Comissioned and first performed by Orkest de Ereprijs, conducted by Wim Boerman Octoberr (Apeldoorn) and November (Amsterdam) 2002

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Oboe Concerto  (1996-97) 20'  Download PDF

oboe, harp and strings (6 6 4 3 2)

commissioned by the Isle of Wight International Oboe Competition

First performance: May 1997, IOW - Bournemouth Sinfonietta, Richard Studt

"I use the oboe melodically throughout the three movements of this concerto. Detailed, extended melodic lines with various types of accompaniment, including fluttering natural harmonics, overlapping chords, rhythmic chord ostinato and rapid arpeggios to be heard. In the second movement for instance the oboe plays a melody several times, each time the rhythm and embellishments are different I wanted the feeling that the soloist had somehow just discovered this melody and was trying it out in different ways." AT

Movement 2
Movement 3

Red Icon  (1995-96) 32'  Download PDF perc(4), harps(2), cimbalom, harpsichord, 16 14 12 10 8 (max)

for Michael Finnissy's 50th birthday

First performance: 23 February 1996, BBC Maida Vale Studios, London - conducted by David Porcelijn

Commissioned by the BBC for the BBC Symphony Orchestra

"Engulfed by the huge tidal wave of the Toovey, inspired by the paintings of Rothko, a few traces of its sound world seemed to hint just audibly among the chains of hammer blows. Toovey's most extravagant use of colour, with its great juxtaposed blocks of tone, its contrasts between fiery speed and icy stillness." The Herald Glasgow

Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3
Movement 4

Recording available on Largo 5139

Published by Composers Edition

Red Icon

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Acrobats  (1995) 14'  Download PDF

large mixed woodwind, brass and string ensemble

commissioned by Contemporary Orchestial Music for Amateurs (CoMA)

First performance: 11 August 1995, Bretton Hall - Simon Foxley

Commissioned by CoMA

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Come and Go  (1994-95) 14'  Download PDF

1111 1111 perc(2):harp,piano,strings (min: l max:

for Robert Chevara

First performance: 3 March 1995 - Dusseldorf Tonhalle

Commissioned by Musik Fabrick

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Out!  (1994) 16'  Download PDF

2 pianos, 2222 0000 Perc. Full strings

for YCAT and EOS

First performance: 5 December 1994. QEH London, Joanna MacGregor, Andrew West, EOS, Charles Hazlewood

Commissioned by YCAT for their 10th anniversary concert

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Mozart  (1991) 5'  Download PDF

string orchestra

First performance: 5 December 1991 - BBC, London - BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Simon Joly

"...homage in abstract, a celebration (as odd as it seems) of the art of making (Mozart excelled at this), which continues in a world where it often seems senseless..." AT

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Black Light  (1989) 10'

1(=picc.) 1.(=corA).l(bcl).dbn1,Ebtpt.1.0 perc(2):glsp/xyl/6susp.cym/3tom-t/4gongs/pedalBD/crot/marimba/3wdbl/TD-harp,pft, strings(min: 1. 1. 1. 1. l max:

for my brother Peter

First performance: 20 May 1992 ISCM World Music Days, Warsaw - Ensemble Modern

"....gripping musical profile, elemental in its raw power." Perspectives of New Music. Vol 33. No 1. 1993

Published by Boosey

Black Light

Áté  (1986) 12'

Picc(=afl). CorA(=ob).bcl(=cl).dbn(=bn) 1.1(=picc.tpt) or Eb tpt.1.0 perc(2)-.xy/3wdbl/smallgong/susp.cym/BD/crot/lujon/ratchet/bongos/marimba/TD/large gong,harp,pft,strings (min:, max:

for Mark Rothko

First performance: 5 March 1988 October Gallery, London - Endymion Ensemble

"Toovey's work called Ate, inspired by the paintings of Barnett Newman, was conceived as a series of static columns of sound with group or solo interjections likened to the embellishments of key initials in illuminated manuscripts. Even with a small ensemble it managed to conjure a mood of solemn ritual" The Guardian

Published by Boosey


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