Passing  (2020) 6'  Download PDF

solo piano

for Grace

First performance: 13th May 2019. Ian Pace

Tactile Sensibility  (2019) 3'  Download PDF

piano solo

Queer Sensibility  (2018) 4'  Download PDF

piano duet (4 hands)

for Joseph Sonnabend

First performance: 8th July 2018. Michael Finnissy and Antony Gray

Conjoined  (2017-18) 5'  Download PDF

piano duet

By Rob Roberts and Andrew Toovey

Nearly there  (2017) 5'  Download PDF

piano solo

for Robert Nettleship

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Preludes and Schrott  (2017) 15'  Download PDF

piano solo

for Rob Roberts and Bob Goldsmith

First performance: 2017. Antony Gray

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500 Treble Notes  (2017) 10'  Download PDF

piano solo

for Antony Gray

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500 Triads  (2017) 16'  Download PDF

piano solo

for Howard Skempton on his 70th birthday

First performance: 13th October 2017. Kings Place, London

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First out  (2016) 6'  Download PDF

piano solo

dedicated to Michael Finnissy on his 70th birthday

First performance: 7th May 2016. York Late Music Festival. University of York Jack Lyons Concert Hall . Ian Pace

Where are we in the World?  (2014) 6'  Download PDF

piano solo

for Michael Finnissy and Alison Jermak

First performance: August 2014. COMA Summer School. Michael Finnissy

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Eyjafjallajkull - solo piano  (2014) 6'  Download PDF

piano solo

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Breathless  (2013-14) 4'  Download PDF

piano solo

for Armando Alemdar

First performance: 5th March 2014. Huw Watkins. The Forge, Camden, London

His wee fancy (a fragment)  (2008) 3'  Download PDF

piano or harpsichord solo

for Michael Finnissy

First performance: Steyning Festival, Steyning Hall, Tuesday 3rd June 2008, Michael Finnissy (piano)

Collaboration version for voice (Indi Kaur) and piano (Andrew Toovey) - featuring film of Armando Alemdar painting 'Lament'. Listen on YouTube

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Michael's Harmony  (2006) 5'  Download PDF

piano solo

dedicated to Michael Finnissy on his 60th birthday

First performance: October 2006. Philip Howard. The Warehouse, London

Collaboration version for voice (Indi Kaur) and piano (Andrew Toovey) - featuring film of Armando Alemdar painting 'Lament'. Listen on YouTube

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Morag  (2005) 3'  Download PDF

piano solo

for Morag Morris

First performance: December 2005. Clive Williamson. The Warehouse, London

Recording available on Cadenza Music


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My Dear Judith  (2004) 5'  Download PDF

piano solo

dedicated to Judith Weir on her 50th birthday

First performance: 2004. Michael Finnissy

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Mostly Bach  (2003) 3'  Download PDF

piano solo

dedicated to Stephen Gutman

First performance: 2003. Michael Finnissy

(pianist can play pedal bass drum. The chordal part of the piece can be played on the vibraphone, as indicated in the score)

Recording available on NMC DL3006

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A Little Birthday Music  (2001) 1'  Download PDF

piano solo

for Malcolm Williamson

Recording available on KNS classical

You may not (want) to (be) hear/here  (1998) 5'

prepared piano and narration (John Cage text on Morton Feldman)

First performance: 1998. Joanna McGregor

Recording available on Sound Circus SC001

Techno Stomp  (1997) 5'  Download PDF

piano solo (with or without pedal bass drum)

for Lynda Stone

First performance: August 1997, Dartington Summer School. Stephen Gutman

Commissioned by Stephen Gutman and the Dartington Trust/Arts Council

Recording available on UTS CD003

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The moon falls through the Autumn  (1995) 15'  Download PDF

piano solo

for Kaori Nakajima

First performance: 21st November 1995. Suntory Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Commissioned by Kaori Nakajima for her tour of Japan, November 1995

Finders Keepers  (1995) 15'  Download PDF

four pianos

Version of The moon falls through the Autumn

to Sappho  (1993) 3'  Download PDF

piano solo

written for Michael Finnissy's Far East tour October 1993

"A very limited palate of clusters gradually expanding over the fall range of the piano, frantically." AT

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Cantus Firmus  (1992) 3'  Download PDF

piano solo (and harpsichord version)

for David Drew

First performance: 12th May 1992, Blackheath Concert Hall, London

Written for Nick Hodges' BACH project

"The initial ideas came from Bach's music (Prelude 1, various Chorales etc.) and Bridget Riley's painting of the same name a magnificent striped work." AT

Recording available on ABC classics

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21 Progressive Piano Pieces (Grade 2-4)  (1990) 20'  Download PDF

piano solo

First Performance 1992 by junior students at RCM London supervised by Thalia Myers

Embrace  (1990) 12'

two pianos

for Yvar Mikhashoff & James Clapperton

First performance: 24th May 1990, Bergen Festival. Yvar Mikhashoff and James Clapperton

The music for Embrace (two pianos) is the same music as the separate piano pieces called Down there by the sea. Embrace consists of six solo pieces, which are grouped into two equal sets, one for each pianist. The order of the sets is fixed (Piano 1 - Down there by the sea, Lullaby and Down. Piano 2 - Sea, there by and 77 notes) but in performance the interrelated pairs are freely intertwined. The pianists rehearse their pieces separately, and should not listen to each other until they begin the performance and make whatever adjustments are necessary (for instance, in dynamics, and in tempo).

Recording available on Largo 5141

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Out Jumps Jack Death!  (1989) 14'  Download PDF

piano solo

for Deirdre Henderson

First performance: 18th March 1989, Purcell Room, London. James Clapperton

"..dynamic contrasts and subtle changes of mood.." The Guardian

Down there by the Sea  (1989) 32'  Download PDF

piano solo

for Michael Finnissy

First performance (No. 1): 7th December 1989, Cambridge New Music Festival. Michael Finnissy
First performance (Nos.2-3): 11th July 1990, Royal College of Music, London. Michael Finnissy
First performance (Nos.4-6): 21st March 1990, Yamaha Studios, London. James Clapperton

The six pieces can be performed as a group or separately:
1. Down there by the sea (10')
2. Lullaby (4')
3. Down (5')
4. Sea (5')
5. there by (3')
6. 77 notes (5')

Fragments after Artaud  (1988) 12'  Download PDF

piano solo

for James Clapperton

First performance: 10th February 1988, British Music Information Centre, London. James Clapperton

"...a tour de force of extremes in simplicity and violence." The Independent

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Artaud  (1986) 14'  Download PDF

piano solo

for David Yeates

First performance (revised version): 8th August 1987, Dartington Summer School, James Clapperton

Recording available on Nova CD7


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